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Camp Evangelists


Raymond Lewis

General Superintendent

Sunday & Wednesday, 7pm

Song Evangelists


Dr. Cal Ray Evans

Evangelistic Outreach

Monday & Thursday, 7pm

Song Evangelists

Brian Baer

Evangelistic Outreach

Tuesday & Friday, 7pm

Song Evangelists

Clayton Nickel

CBA Minister

CBA Youth Night, 7pm

Song Evangelists

Derrick Hay

CBA Minister

Faith Bible Institue Service, 7pm

Song Evangelists

Brian Whitt

Fellowship CB Pastor

Ministers Conference, 2pm

Song Evangelists

Phillip Stapleton

CBA Minister

World for Christ Missions, 7pm

Song Evangelists

Dr. Jeremy Kamer

Columbus First CB Pastor

Monday, 10am

Song Evangelists

Kahler Rockwell

CBA Minister

Monday, 2pm

Song Evangelists

Delmar Rogers

CBA Minister

Tuesday, 10am

Song Evangelists

Jamie Rockwell

CBA Minister

Tuesday, 2pm

Song Evangelists

CJ Blevins

Jeanette's Creek CB Pastor

Wednesday, 10am

Song Evangelists

Markus Hagen

CBA Minister

Wednesday, 2pm

Song Evangelists

Chase Holbrook

CBA Minister

Thursday, 10am

Song Evangelists

Ryan Hagen

CBA Minister

Thursday, 2pm

Song Evangelists

Jared Timberlake

Sandhill CB Pastor

Friday, 10am

Song Evangelists

Joey Nelson

Community Bible Pastor

Friday, 2pm

Song Evangelists

Josh Clifton

Sunday School Rally, 10am

Song Evangelists

Song Evangelists


Tyran Ellis

Song and Choir Leader


Abounding Grace

10am Special Singing

The Parsons

2pm Special Singing

Mike Blanton& Evidence

7pm Special Singing

Heritage Trio

CBA Youth Night

Brothers in Christ

Faith Bible Institute Night

Jeff Dickens

Special Missionary Service Singing

Hobe Sound Quartet

Special Friday Singing, 7pm

Camping & Dorms

For information on camping, dormitories, or cafeteria, please contact Gayle Rogers

606-316- 0157

COVID-19 Guidelines

  • Wearing masks inside the buildings and social distancing are up to each person. Anyone who is more comfortable wearing a mask during gatherings is encouraged to do so.  We ask that each person respect everyone's personal decision.

  • We will continue to use these common-sense policies:

    • Encourage everyone to do temperature checks and monitor the overall health prior to coming to service.

    • We will continue to ask all attendees to frequently wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer stations.  Hand sanitizers will be placed in each indoor location.

    • We will continue to clean the restrooms and dining hall using the increased measures.

    • We will continue to sanitize the tabernacleafter each service.

Youth on Grounds

Youth Campers 13-18 will be staying in the youth dorms. They will get to experience all three Holy Ghost-filled services a day as well as special youth services each night. Youth Campers will be provided with Breakfast Lunch and dinner. Campers must bring extra money if they wish to eat at the restaurant. For more information regarding youth Campers please contact Jared and Hannah Timberlake at 740-981-2688.